Success occurs at the intersection of Preparation and Opportunity

I’m delivering a big marketing keynote speech at Foxwoods Resort and Casino this week. How did I win this?

Preparation comes first

Here’s what I did in preparation:

  1. I created a compelling keynote speaker page
  2. I created a slick looking professional profile

As a result, I looked like a highly professional marketing keynote speaker to anyone searching for one.

Along comes Opportunity

One day in January 2014 a manager went to his assistant, Jennifer, and said “We need a really good keynote speaker for our big company meeting in April. Please find one for me.”

She started searching using Google and soon found Jeff Ogden, the award-winning marketing expert and creator and host of Marketing Made Simple TV. She started looking at what he’s been doing.Marketing Made Simple TV

She goes back to her boss and says “I really like this guy, Jeff Ogden. He looks VERY impressive.” Her boss agreed and they contacted me. (Note, Talk to Jeff is featured on my keynote speaker page, so contacting me is easy.)

Yesterday, they asked for my professional profile, so the boss can practice introducing me.  I sent what I had previously done. They LOVED it.

If this is not proof that success is the intersection of preparation and opportunity, then nothing is.

What do you think? Have you ever experience anything like this?


Here’s why you should NEVER believe TV ads

In internet service in the Northeast, Verizon FIOS is rated number one.Big Mistake Time Warner is rated dead last. Comcast is buying them to fix them.

But the airwaves are flooded with TV ads trumping both! Time Warner spends a fortune on TV ads, blasting out what a great deal they are.  NOT!

Fall for the siren song of TV ads and buy an inferior product like Time Warner.

This is why NO ONE should believe TV ads anymore.

Car ads, insurance firms, pharmaceutical products – I don’t believe any of it anymore. With the ability to research offering instantly, TV ads are ineffective. Sorry, Flo.

What do you think?

By the way, we use Verizon FIOS.

Syndication is a key business strategy for Marketing Made Simple TV

We’ve had many truly awesome guests on Marketing Made Simple TV.

You can see them all here:

The show guest list on Marketing Made Simple TVMarketing Made Simple TV

But how can we share our show with the widest audience possible? By syndicating the show!

This is why we publish the show (after a 14 day waiting period) to sites such as Social Media Today, Business2Community, CustomerThink,, Fearless Competitor and

This is also why when SocialMediaToday passes on a New York Times best-selling author like Dave Kerpen, I’m not a happy camper.  I work very hard to keep our syndication sites happy.

Please tweet this:

Sorry @socialmedia@day, but you blew it last week by failing to publish @davekerpen on Marketing Made Simple TV! Tweet this!

It’s also why I’m always looking for more sites to publish Marketing Made Simple TV. Like – which a former guest in helping us crack.

What do you think of our syndication strategy?

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When Doing Content Marketing, Create a Header for your Content

Failure to plan is the biggest problem in B2B marketing today!

In Lisa Dreher’s Marketing Made Simple TV “Anatomy of a Great Marketing Campaign” show, you learned how an award-winning marketing campaign was built upon a foundation of deep research and planning.  Skip this and your campaigns fall on their face. Ready, fire, aim does not work in marketing.

One way to plan in content marketing is to use content headers to document your content.

When doing content marketing, create a header that maps the exact purpose for your content.Epic Content Marketing This enables you to precisely place the right content for the right job to answer buyer questions.

You should include information in your header, such as:

  • The buyer persona the content is intended for
  • The date the content was refreshed
  • The branding for the content
  • The keyword(s) the content was optimized for
  • The author of the content
  • The buying stage the content is intended for

And so forth

This will enable you to categorize and catalog your content and ensure that you use the right content for the right job.

Want to learn more? You can learn a lot more about this topic by reading Joe Pulizzi’s great book, Epic Content Marketing.  My good friend, Jim Burns of Avitage, is also a top expert in content operations.

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Jeff Ogden

Jeff Ogden, President of Find New Customers

A Show By-Product – Superb at Introductions

Stephen Dubner

Stephen Dubner, Freakanomics

Sometimes unexpected benefits come from things you do.

I’m REALLY good at connecting people.

I created Marketing Made Simple TV almost two years ago, and I’ve interviewed over 100 top thought leaders, like Stephen Dubner of Freakanomics soon. That helped me become quite well-known and gave me tons of business relationships. Since Marketing Made Simple TV is a weekly show, my contact list keeps growing and growing.

Here are 5 ways I made connections between people recently:

  1. Marketing conference needed a strong keynote speaker. They contacted me. I lined up a great speaker for them.
  2. Head of a PR firm wanted to meet show guests. I made the connections for her.
  3. Former client from years ago wanted to meet a specific man on LinkedIn. I didn’t know him, but I connected with him in 10 minutes.
  4. A marketing expert wanted to meet the Chief Marketing Officer of our new business partner, Madison Logic. Done. Both of them thanked me.
  5. The head of Sparkplug had exhausted his contact list in an earlier event, so he bought me breakfast to pick my brain.

It seems that, if you want to meet really cool people, maybe you need to talk to the man who knows really cool people.

To contact Jeff Ogden, Creator and Host of Marketing Made Simple TV, just shoot an email to host at marketingmadesimple dot tv.

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Jeff Ogden

We don’t want to hire you, but PLEASE put us on Marketing Made Simple TV

How hot is Marketing Made Simple TV? Red hot!

We don’t want to hire you, but please put me on Marketing Made Simple TV!Marketing Made Simple TV

A young marketing company in Seattle was looking for a new VP of Marketing. I did a Skype interview with one of the founders.

They’ve not raised much money, so I expressed a concern.  Then I get an email from the founder “We’ve narrowed it down to 3, Jeff. Sorry.”

What they said next blew my mind. “I’d LOVE to appear on Marketing Made Simple TV. Can you book me?”

I told them the show was quite booked. (The truth). But he persisted “If you can find a slot soon, I’d love to pencil it in.”

Don’t want to hire me, but wants badly on the show. Finally, I said this to him “Very sorry, but we book big names and famous guests on Marketing Made Simple TV. You do not measure up.”  That is, in effect, what he told me.

That’s how hot the show is!

We interviewed Dr. Woody on Marketing Made Simple TV yesterday! He’s a star on TV, by the way. One of our big name guests.

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Just over week till my big keynote address at Foxwoods Casino and Resort

Servpro hired Jeff Ogden to be the keynote speaker at their big company meeting at Foxwoods next week.

I’m looking forward to doing much more keynote speaking in 2014. Thankfully, this client is 100% committed to helping me grow my speaking career. They will provide a photographer at this event.ServPro

Need a great keynote speaker for your next big marketing conference? Talk to Jeff Ogden! Creator and Host of the very popular and syndicated online TV show, Marketing Made Simple TV.

Send an email to host at marketingmadesimple dot to book Jeff Ogden as the keynote speaker for your next marketing event!

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