How a Sudden Health Issue Changes Everything = a great lesson for everyone

Let me share my story, so that you can prepare for something unexpected like I did.

In the first few months of 2014, the future looked bright indeed:

  1. I had my first keynote speech in early April
  2. Find New Customers had a great new client
  3. We were ready to win new business (Find New Customers is back and better than ever now!)

Then on April 1 (April Fools Day) I got a call that my part time job needed me.  I said Yes and went in.  A customer needed a product that we did not have on the sales floor, but we had it in the warehouse. I went into the warehouse and push the ladder that had a platform on top toward the inventory I needed. But my path was blocked by a pile of inventory left on the warehouse floor.

Since I could not use the ladder, I climbed on the high shelf to get the inventory by hand.  Something happened and I made a long fall onto the concrete floor.  My skull was cracked, my right ear was nearly torn off, two vertebra were broken, and a rib was fractured – puncturing a lung.  I was a mess.  In fact, I was in such dire straights that I got Last Rights from a priest.

I disappeared from the Earth for April, May and most of June.  I missed my keynote speech.  I dropped the ball on Find New Customers new client, and I stopped paying bills too.

Medical care and rehabilitation were my daily routine till mid July.  And when I finally left medical coverage, I had quite a mess to clean up.

  • MarketingMadeSimple,tv had expired and someone took it from me.
  • Find New Customers website had expired.
  • My emails were no longer working.
  • Bills needed to be paid.
  • Needed to reschedule the keynote and reconnect with our new client.

I’m in much better shape today, but I’m not 100% just yet. Stay tuned.

If this helps just one of you prepare for unexpected issues like mine, this was worth it.  Please visit too,

Find New Customers is back up and running – finally!

A unique experience indeed. I was badly injured in a fall and nearly died. I was in medical care for almost 4 months, so I vanished from the earth.

I’m back now and I just restored Find New Customers, the nicest B2B marketing company on Earth.

I also want to do a lot more keynote speaking in the months to come.

Jeff Ogden, the Fearless Competitor

Marketing expert and keynote speaker Jeff Ogden is alive and well (again)

After being near death from April 1 to late June, I was released from medical care after my nasty fall on July 16, 2014.

My recovery is amazing. I can walk, dress myself and do many of the things normal people do.  But I need to rebuild strength and do a lot more before I’m 100% okay and able to return to work.

Jeff Ogden 

Big companies use taglines a lot more than young companies – BIG marketing mistake

Thanks to a major fall, I disappeared from Earth for a few months and looked at companies with fresh eyes – like new prospects do. Here are some things I learned:

GEICO – 15 minutes can save you 15% or more (GEICO can save you money)

Papa John’s – Better ingredients. Better Pizza (Papa John pizza’s taste better)


Serv-Pro – Like it never happened (They do great work – and they hired me to keynote their big company conference.)

But smaller companies have nothing. Take for instance, LocalVox, a software firm In NYC, that I know well.  What benefit would I get from working with them? With no tagline, a salesperson has to explain it to me. That requires me – the buyer – to have a great deal of patience.

Tons of smaller companies lack taglines. This marketing expert considers this a big mistake.

Here is what I recommend you do:

  • Sit down with your leadership team and think why customers buy from you.
  • Find a concise, effective statement.
  • Use it everywhere – on business cards, answering the phone, on signage, etc.

What do you think? Love to read your comments.




Due to major accident, this blog is not updated

The author of this blog, Jeff Ogden, marketing expert and keynote speaker, had a major fall in early April 2014.

I was on a high shelf in a warehouse and somehow I lost my balance and took a long fall onto a concrete floor. Cracked my skull, tore up an ear, fractured a spine and broke a rib.  It could have been much worse.  My spine is intact and everything works.

The result of this fall was a long hospital stay and recovery.  I’m delighted to report that my recovery looks full with not long term injuries.

I thank everyone for their support. You can talk to me by calling 516-456-8218.

Thanks also to my good friend Jim Burns of Avitage for the post Get Well Jeff Ogden. Check it out.

Thank you.

Jeff Ogden

Success occurs at the intersection of Preparation and Opportunity

I’m delivering a big marketing keynote speech at Foxwoods Resort and Casino this week. How did I win this?

Preparation comes first

Here’s what I did in preparation:

  1. I created a compelling keynote speaker page
  2. I created a slick looking professional profile

As a result, I looked like a highly professional marketing keynote speaker to anyone searching for one.

Along comes Opportunity

One day in January 2014 a manager went to his assistant, Jennifer, and said “We need a really good keynote speaker for our big company meeting in April. Please find one for me.”

She started searching using Google and soon found Jeff Ogden, the award-winning marketing expert and creator and host of Marketing Made Simple TV. She started looking at what he’s been doing.Marketing Made Simple TV

She goes back to her boss and says “I really like this guy, Jeff Ogden. He looks VERY impressive.” Her boss agreed and they contacted me. (Note, Talk to Jeff is featured on my keynote speaker page, so contacting me is easy.)

Yesterday, they asked for my professional profile, so the boss can practice introducing me.  I sent what I had previously done. They LOVED it.

If this is not proof that success is the intersection of preparation and opportunity, then nothing is.

What do you think? Have you ever experience anything like this?


Here’s why you should NEVER believe TV ads

In internet service in the Northeast, Verizon FIOS is rated number one.Big Mistake Time Warner is rated dead last. Comcast is buying them to fix them.

But the airwaves are flooded with TV ads trumping both! Time Warner spends a fortune on TV ads, blasting out what a great deal they are.  NOT!

Fall for the siren song of TV ads and buy an inferior product like Time Warner.

This is why NO ONE should believe TV ads anymore.

Car ads, insurance firms, pharmaceutical products – I don’t believe any of it anymore. With the ability to research offering instantly, TV ads are ineffective. Sorry, Flo.

What do you think?

By the way, we use Verizon FIOS.