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I need to find an apartment just for one mature man in the Tampa area.  If you have one for rent, let’s talk.  Furnished is best and I work so fast internet access is important too.

A bit about me. I’m 55 years old and recently divorced.  I don’t smoke or drink to excess. I also pay bills on time as often as I can.

I’ve been running my very own marketing consulting business, Find New Customers, for over five years. I invite you to check it out.  I’m also know as the Fearless Competitor, so I am @fearlesscomp on Twitter too.

To contact me, send an email to jeffLogden or call 516-456-8218.

Here’s a recent photo:

Jeff Ogden

Jeff Ogden, President of Find New Customers


Find New Customers is back up and running – finally!

A unique experience indeed. I was badly injured in a fall and nearly died. I was in medical care for almost 4 months, so I vanished from the earth.

I’m back now and I just restored Find New Customers, the nicest B2B marketing company on Earth.

I also want to do a lot more keynote speaking in the months to come.

Jeff Ogden, the Fearless Competitor

Marketing expert and keynote speaker Jeff Ogden is alive and well (again)

After being near death from April 1 to late June, I was released from medical care after my nasty fall on July 16, 2014.

My recovery is amazing. I can walk, dress myself and do many of the things normal people do.  But I need to rebuild strength and do a lot more before I’m 100% okay and able to return to work.

Jeff Ogden 

I’m your customer? Do you really know me?

You’re trying to sell me something, but do you REALLY know me?car on train

Here’s a quick quiz for you:

  1. How old am I?
  2. Where did I grow up?
  3. Am I married?
  4. How many siblings do I have?
  5. What do I like to do in my spare time?
  6. What kind of music do I like?

Face it, Mr or Ms seller, if you can’t answer those six questions, you really DON’T know me. That’s why buyer personas are so important today.

Advertising is losing effectiveness

Those stupid, in-your-face TV ads are not working anymore. Driving a car on top of a train does not impress me, Mazda. And when every commercial is a car commercial, does it really work for anyone? You all sound exactly alike. When I decide to buy a new car, I’m doing my own research!

We need a LOT more creativity and intelligence in advertising today – that is what I believe.

Hubspot is right. We are getting better and better at blocking unwanted advertisements.

The vast wasteland of TV and radio advertising is really a disaster. In fact, it seems to be growing worse and worse over time.  We are simply being inundated with worthless information! (I no longer listen to the radio when I’m driving. I use internet radio like iTunes Radio or Pandora, rather than listen to terrestrial radio. That way I can avoid ads, as well as choose my own kind of music.)

“I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!” – famous movie line.

What do you think? Are you being bombarded with worthless information too? We love comments and those who share on social media.

Proud Graduate of the University of Notre Dame

“Other schools give 4 year degrees. Notre Dame gives 40 year degrees.”

Jeff Ogden, the award-winning marketing expert and Host and Creator of the popular online TV show, Marketing Made Simple TV, is a proud graduate of the University of Notre Dame, from where he holds a degree in Marketing. who would also make a great Chief Marketing Officer for a smart company.

According to Fortune, the Mendoza School of Business at the University of Notre Dame is the number one undergraduate business school in America – for the third year in a row. Sorry, Harvard…

I’m reminded of a story that happened several years ago that shows the true value of a Notre Dame degree.

I was working for large business intelligence software (where I was their top salesperson) I had just set a meeting with Keith Sherin, Chief Financial Officer of General Electric.  My boss said “Jeff, how did you get that meeting (with a top executive)?” I said “Andrew, Keith was graduated from the University of Notre Dame one year before me.”

My boss then said “I didn’t ask you where he went to school. I asked you how you set the meeting.” I replied “Andrew, you really don’t get this, do you?”

I’m thrilled to be a graduate of the awesome University of Notre Dame!

God, Country, Notre Dame.

Can’t wait for football season to start! Did you know that students at Notre Dame stand for the entire game?

In addition to being a Notre Dame graduate, I’m a proud husband and dad, who’s 17 year old son created this amazing video. Check it out.

Meet Jeff Ogden, your new Chief Marketing Officer

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Very exciting times at Find New Customers

Holy crap! These are exciting times indeed at Find New Customers!

We have a wonderful new client who just signed a Statement of Work with Find New Customers – a West Coast marketing software firm launching a new product in early April.

They hired Find New Customers to help them promote this new product by writing and placing thought leadership articles in key websites, like Linkedin, Ad Age B2B and Business2Community.ServPro We did a long chat with their CEO this week.  We also talked to those sites too.  They even asked me to connect with one of their board members, the former CEO of Eloqua. He asked to call him early next week.

If those first sponsored articles go well – there could be a LOT more business following.

Jeff Ogden was hired to deliver a keynote speech on marketing to a $1.4 billion dollar firm at Foxwoods Resort and Casino in early April. The client is excited and will have a photographer there to take pictures of me during my keynote speech. This could be the launch of a major keynote speaking career! It’s a wonderful opportunity.

We’re providing services for a hot young local marketing company too. They just inked an agreement with Find New Customers to use us to get into new accounts. This is exciting too – as well as a chance to make some good money too.

The Information Technology Sales and Marketing Association, ITSMA, a organization of very large professional services and technology companies, is talking with Find New Customers next week about one of our favorite subjects, Buyer Personas – the incredibly important but poorly understood aspect of B2B marketing. I believe this is something more companies need to focus on in 2014!

(One company president just told me they sent a survey to all their customers) – a survey is NOT buyer personas – because you have to pre-define questions in a survey. Buyer Personas can uncover unexpected information. I’m also attending the next ITSMA meeting in New York City, which is all about buyer personas.

By the way, since I’ve been using for a long time to ensure I rank for my name.

This is how BrandYourself says they deliver:

“We believe everybody should be actively improving their own Google results without having to pay a company thousands of dollars to do it for them.”

Now my name “Jeff Ogden” ranks in the top 10 in Google for almost everything! In fact, my AboutMe profile just moved into the Google top 10!

I also interviewed some wonderful guests on Marketing Made Simple TV too. Like Bryan Kramer of #H2H, best selling author Dave Kerpen, and branding expert Denise Lee Yohn.  Dr. Woody, the popular TV expert, is an upcoming show guest too. This is a BLAST to do!

The future sure looks bright at Find New Customers!

How might I help you? Send a tweet to @fearlesscomp and I promise to answer any question you may have promptly.

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How to Find New Customers (for your business!)

With sales struggling to uncover qualified sales opportunities, this great white paper is your lifeline.

So much has been written about B2B demand generation, but Ogden makes it simple – which makes it a must-read” – the Funnelholic

How to Find New Customers is the popular white paper on B2B demand generation. Originally sponsored by Marketo, we no longer share information with them. The editor of this white paper is a well-known sales expert and author – so it is very well-written indeed.

How to Find New Customers

How to Find New Customers

We’re also delighted that this was translated to Porteguese for our Brazilian friends too. Just click this link. HTFNC_BR

Download this free white paper by clicking the image today, read it and watch your business take off.

While you are at it, why don’t you visit Find New Customers to get some of our other free content on B2B marketing and demand generation too?

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5 Reasons Your Marketing Content Won’t Convert

After reading the great post by Sonia at Copyblogger “Why Your Copy Isn’t Converting” I wanted to share it with you.B2B Marketing Manifesto

We’ve had a steady stream of top content marketing experts on Marketing Made Simple TV, such as Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute, Jon Wuebben, author of Content is Currency, and Jay Baer of on the show.

Content marketing is SO important today, that I want to share some insights with you.

Content marketing feeds the beast of B2B demand generation, plain and simple. Want to set up lead nurturing? You need content. Want to create PPC ads? You need content to offer in those ads. Content feeds marketing.

Here are the five reasons from the Copyblogger post:

  1. They don’t want what you’ve got
    You might be passionate about your products and services, but buyers could care less.  As David Meerman Scott said so eloquently “No one cares about your products and services except y0u.” This is also why quality buyer personas are so important. One of the Five Rings of Insight is Priority Initiatives – what are the buyer investing time, money and political capital in?
  2. They’re confused
    The confused mind does not buy. Offer too many options or use goobbledy gook words and you get not even a nibble on your hook.
  3. They can’t see the pretty picture
    If the buyer cannot see herself using your product, all is lost. She must be able to visualize using the product. Make the benefits of using it crystal clear in the simplest language possible.
  4. You didn’t ask
    This one is Sonia’s favorite, but the simple fact is that “Click Here” gets clicked a LOT.  You need a simple Call to Action on each thing you do.
  5. They don’t believe you
    Despite your best efforts, the buyer is second-guessing himself.  He does not want to look foolish. I also think it is wise to feature happy, smiling customers on your website too.

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Jeff Ogden is an award-winning marketing expert and President of the nicest company in B2B marketing today, Find New Customers. He’s also the creator and host of the popular and syndicated show, Marketing Made Simple TV.

“There’s no aspect of marketing that quality buyer personas cannot improve!”

That comment came from Adele Revella of the Buyer Persona Institute.

Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute said in his book Epic Content Buyer PersonasMarketing that “audience personas” are critical to content marketing (Chapter 10- The Audience Persona)

Both Joe and Adele are right. To create great content, you MUST have a deep understanding of your buyers!

What do you need to learn? I recommend Adele’s 5 Rings of Insight

  1. Priority Initiatives – Where is the buyer dedicating time, budget or political capital, regardless of your product or service?
  2. Success Factors – What do your prospective buyers identify as the rewards of success?
  3. Perceived Barriers – What personal or business obstacles could interfere with their chances of success?
  4. Buyers Journey – How does the buyer identify alternative solutions, weigh his or her options and arrive at a decision?
  5. Decision Criteria – How does the buyer arrive at a decision from his or her alternative solutions?

Getting answers to those five Rings of Insights requires open-ended interviews with recent buyers. Unless you are comfortable doing those kinds of interviews, I suggest you leave them to trained professionals.

Simply sending out a survey is NOT good enough, because you have to predefine questions in a survey. Buyer personas reveal the unexpected.

To learn about the Buyer Persona services offered by Find New Customers, please visit Get Better Results – Get to Know Your Buyers with Buyer Personas. By the way, I also completed the Buyer Persona Master Class at the Buyer Persona Institute, so I do have expertise here.

What do you think? We love to read your comments and appreciate those who share on social media too.

To contact me, send an email to jeff dot ogden at please.

2013-50most-badge-ogden 2012-50most-badge-ogden SLMA award

The Coming War over Buyer Insights

In the crazy, noisy world of today, companies who best know their buyers will win.buyer insights

That’s why I believe there’s a marketing war coming around buyer insights.

This is why Buyer Persona are more important than ever. (Find New Customers is certified in Buyer Personas.)

One of the top challenges for companies today is differentiation. Everyone sounds alike.

Case in point, I was sent a list of the Top 20 Retained Executive Search Firms in the U.S, recently and I visited many of their websites.  Most of them sound alike.

Check out these two search firm and see how much they sound alike.

ABC is a leading human capital consulting firm, with a focus on retained executive search, strategic consulting, and market intelligence.  We are committed to developing and nurturing deep relationships with our clients and building a strong network of world class executives across industries.

A Search Approach That Explores Possibilities, Without Limits

The DEF Limit-Less Search® approach is based on the belief that executive retained search should be limit-less — a 360 degree opportunity to explore executive leadership possibilities. DEF’s Limit-Less® approach allows clients to go beyond traditional searches which are restricted due to generic list building and “off limit” accounts.  To achieve the right search results, our work is defined by a unique combination of the right people, the right structure, and the right approach to get the right access to top talent in the marketplace

This is why I believe a battle over buyer insights is coming. Are you ready for this battle?

When you send me an email to a prospective customer, it needs to look like it came from a close personal friend – someone who knows me well.

The only way to do true one-to-one marketing is to develop very deep insights on buyers and leverage big data in marketing.

Here’s what I suggest you do:

  1. Visit The Buyer Persona Institute and learn all you can about buyer personas.
  2. Purchase the book Big Data Marketing by Lisa Arthur, Chief Marketing Officer at Teradata Applications and read it. (You can also watch Lisa on Marketing Made Simple TV too.)

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree that a war over buyer insights is coming? We also appreciate those who share on social media.